Notary Services

Notary services are offered at no charge. Please check in at the Circulation desk when you arrive, and a notary will be with you as soon as possible. The notaries on staff are not qualified attorneys and are strictly prohibited from giving legal advice.

A notary is generally available during normal business hours. You can call to confirm a notary is available at (401) 423-7280.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

  • The completed but unsigned document being notarized
  • All document signers
  • All necessary witnesses
  • A valid form of identification that matches the name(s) on the document

Can a notary come to my home to perform a notarization?

-No. We do not provide homebound notary services.

Can a notary perform an electronic notarization?

-No. We do not perform electronic notarizations. To find an electronic notary, visit the RI Secretary of State’s Search page.

One of the document signers can’t make it. Can I have them sign the document and then bring it to you for notarization?

-No. All document signers must be present, and the form must be signed in front of the notary.

Can I get a notarized copy of a birth, marriage, or death certificate?

- No. Vital records that are available from your local Town Clerk or Records Office cannot be copy certified by any notary. They must be requested from the Town Clerk.


For more information about notary services in RI, visit the RI Secretary of State’s website