1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading aloud to infants and children encourages social, emotional, and cognitive development. Reading together is fun. Create lifelong memories while raising a reader!

Who can sign up?

Any child from birth until kindergarten, at any time.

What books count?

Books read at story time, by teachers, family & you. Repeat your favorites (they count)! Repetition helps children gain important literacy skills. 

How long will the program take?

There’s no end date except for your child starting kindergarten. If you read just one book a day with your child, you will reach 1,000 books in less than three years. 

How do we keep track?

Sign-up at the Youth Desk. You will get a log to track your first 100 books.  Bring it back to us when you reach 100 for a sticker and a new log. 

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1000 Books Before Kindergarten