Get a Library Card

Register for a new library card or to renew your card online:

How to get a library card

1.      To obtain a card you will need to show a valid picture ID from a city, state, or government agency such as a driver’s license, military ID, or a passport.

2.      A second piece of identification establishing residency by showing your current address will also be needed. Acceptable documents include a current utility bill, voter’s registration card, vehicle insurance card, or even your checks if they include your current address.

3.      Non-residents who own property within the city limits need to provide a current tax bill for that property.


Who can get a card?

This library is locally funded by property taxes paid by persons who own property within the town limits. If you live within town limits or own real estate in Jamestown, your taxes support the library and a card will be issued at no charge. In order to borrow materials from the Library, users must register for a borrower card. Library cards will be issued for three years and, if not renewed, will expire on the anniversary of the registration date. Cards which are free of fines and have not been used for a period of two years will be purged from the database.


Patron Types:

  • Adult:  Patrons aged 18 or older.
  • Young Adult: Patrons aged 13-17.
  • Juvenile:  Patrons under the age of 13. Minors must be accompanied by the parent or guardian listed as the responsible adult on the minor's card record. 
  • Non-Resident:  Non-residents may obtain a Local Use library card, which enables them to check out items solely from the Jamestown Philomenian Library, at no cost. However, a 30 day minimum renting requirement must be met in order to get this type of card. A Full Access card, granting access to all Rhode Island library services, has a fee of $185 (per 2021 Ocean State Library policy).

Lost Cards:

Library users who have lost their card may apply for a new one by showing valid identification; minors also must be accompanied by the parent or guardian listed as the responsible adult on the minor's card record.  If a parent or guardian wishes to cancel a minor's card, they must be listed as the responsible adult on the minor's card record.

If the first card is later found, it must be destroyed or returned to the Library for reactivation with valid identification.  Patrons should report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible. Library users are responsible for all materials checked out on their card up to the time that they report the card lost.